Greasley Gathering 2016

They’re back again….two of them

busesThe red London buses have been hired and we’ll be  seeing  two of them ferrying people all over the Parish of Greasley.  This year the company providing the buses are Blackmore Commercials Ltd, based in Nottingham. The festooned buses will help to promote the festive feeling of the day.


What else is new this year?

  • Music – the Ilkeston Brass Band will be there to entertain throughout the day

A family orientated brass band based in Ilkeston, Derbyshire. They were formed over 80 years ago, originally  as the Stanton Ironworks Band. As well as the main band they have a training band, both of whom we hope to see perform.


  • bikeThe Wonder Wheels Workshop – so you think you can ride a bike?

Have a go on this amazing collection of weird and wonderful bikes: uni-cycles, Penny Farthings, bendy bikes, tall bikes, small bikes, fun-wheels and more. Ride the  unrideable bike!

Magicfrom our resident children’s magician Don Chambers. Did you know that Don is the longest serving member of  the Nottingham Guild of magicians?


AND….so you don’t get bored while waiting for the bus we have another magician Alex Michael. You need to be really sharp to spot his tricks. Alex is also a local award winning ‘close-up’ magician, who combines comedy with his magic.

Some surprising visitors from Star Wars!!

What else will be there?

  • The colourful Inflatables
  • The classic cars
  • Displays of Dog Agility
  • Display by local Taekwondo club
  • Playworks with their creative crafts, art and play activities
  • A variety of stall
  • Some things to eat